Welcome to the Pahrump Valley Little League coaches' resources website.

The purpose of this website is to provide Pahrump Valley Little League coaches some guidelines and resources on how to coach your little league team.  You may want to read all of, some of, or none of this content depending on you experience as a coach.  However, it is highly recommended the you read the General Information page.  Also, please review the Resources page, because it has many helpful resources including videos, helpful templates, etc.

Purpose of the PVLL Coaching Coordinator

To provide a high level of coaching by mentoring coaches through the season. We will try to ensure that all teams at every level are getting the same high-quality coaching.

We would do this by:

  1. Having a coach’s clinic at the beginning of each session
  2. Assigning experienced coaches to new coaches as part of a mentoring program
  3. Having periodic meetings with the coaches
  4. Providing detailed practice plans for each division
  5. Being available to all coaches for questions and additional mentoring
  6. Being available to parents for any questions or concerns

The overall goal is to increase the level of knowledge and skills for all coaches and players for all divisions in the PVLL.
This website has the following pages along with links to enable printing of the information within the pages. The printed Coaches Manual includes a printout of the General Information section. If you want the other sections printed out, you can print them from the PDFs provided in each section.

Coaching Manual Sections

  1. General Information
    1. LL Mission statement
    2. Coach’s Responsibilities
    3. 7 Benefits of Playing Youth Baseball
    4. Top 5 Mistakes Youth Baseball Coaches Make
    5. Coaches’ Development
    6. Recommended Resources
  2. How to Coach
  3. How to Run the Perfect Practice
  4. Resources
  5. Contact Information

You can view a PDF of the above information at the following link: Purpose of the PVLL Coaching Coordinator

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